Final Post

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I finally did it. I took the plunge and got myself my own domain.

This blog has been so much fun, but I find a blog completely dedicated to photography too restricting. I have many interests that I’d like to share.  And the artistic limitaions of a blog are really annoying.

So I will say farewell to this blog. I will leave it up and runnging, but there will be no further posts.

Please stop by and look around my new blog: Simple Days. I’m not nearly finished with the design, but I thought I’d go ahead and start posting. Enjoy!


Growing Girl

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Lens: 50mm ~ 1/160 sec ~ f/1.8~ ISO 640

This little girl is growing so fast! Her teeth are coming in, and she has such a comical smile. However, she seems reluctant to show her teeth.

Lens: 50mm ~ 1/50 sec ~ f/1.8~ ISO 640

A few days ago, I attempted to capture that funny smile. This was the best I got.

Lens: 50mm ~ 1/200 sec ~ f/1.8~ ISO 640

What a doll!

Spring Day

•Tuesday, May 12, 2009 • 2 Comments
Lens: 18-135mm zoom ~ Focal Length: 135mm ~ 1/500 sec ~ f/5.6 ~ ISO 100

“You visit the earth and cause it to overflow;

You greatly enrich it;

The stream of God is full of water;

Lens: 18-135mm zoom ~ Focal Length: 135mm ~ 1/80 sec ~ f/9 ~ ISO 100

You prepare their grain, for thus You prepare the earth.

You water its furrows abundantly,

You settle its ridges,

Lens: 18-135mm zoom ~ Focal Length: 135mm ~ 1/160 sec ~ f/5.6 ~ ISO 400

You soften it with showers,

You bless its growth.”

Psalm 65: 9-10

Lens: 18-135mm zoom ~ Focal Length: 135mm ~ 1/320 sec ~ f/5.6 ~ ISO 400

Family Gathering

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Lens: 50mm ~ 1/100 sec ~ f/2.5~ ISO 500

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A Girls Party

•Tuesday, April 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

Last Friday, we had a lovely afternoon (and evening, and morning) with our friends. We began at two in the afternoon, and partied until twelve in the morning!

After lunch, we read aloud The Ugly Duckling by A. A. Milne. Then we watched the old black-and-white version of Father of the Bride, ate cake, and watched the 1987 version of A Little Princess.

Lens: 50mm ~ 1/500 sec ~ f/2~ ISO 200

Janna and Katelyn designed and hand-made the place card.

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My beautiful sister.

Lens: 50mm ~ 1/50 sec ~ f/1.8~ ISO 800

A Visit

•Thursday, March 5, 2009 • 4 Comments

Yesterday, Justin and Audra dropped this little girl off at our house for an hour or so. We had a lovely little visit with her.

When they returned, we sat down to a delicious supper prepared by my eldest sister Janna.

Lens: 50mm ~ 1/100 sec ~ f/2.2~ ISO 1000

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